Thursday, September 19, 2019

Cross Country

Although it took some time to write, edit, and publish our recounts about the Cross Country, we did it! To create our area to draw we inserted a table with one cell. Then we enlarge it to suit. Once we finished publishing, Mrs Hannah printed them to A3 and we drew our pictures. Here are a few pics from the cross country day as well.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Production Preparation

Here in Tanemahuta, we have been so busy preparing for our production!  We have been rehearsing and creating props and costumes and practicing songs!  It's been so busy!  There has been so much amazing learning in the whole process!

We are performing next Tuesday at the War Memorial Theatre here in Gisborne.  Next week we will be busy rehearsing so we may not get a chance to post, but we will be sure to post a video of part of our production soon!  Koka Amie says she's excited to come and watch us all too! There will be lots of family and friends there in the audience to watch us.  Watch this space!

Plastic bottle light-up Godwits
Waka Hourua travelers from Tahiti
The Paoa group