Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Avatar to get help

We were learning about what to do if we need help when we see something online that makes us feel uncomfortable. We made an avatar and sent it to our teacher asking for help.

I enjoyed...

It was challenging...

Next time I would...

Phase 1 of our Class Production

Our school will be putting on a production at the end of the term. We are using plastic when creating our props to illustrate how plastics have become a real problem for our environment, especially our oceans. Today we mastered how to make our birds. Here is an instructional video to explain how to make them. Photos and tutorial to follow...
Learn a Language Explainer (copy) on Biteable.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Enviroschools Learning

A few weeks ago the Makaraka School Juniors went to the Envirocentre to learn about how we can look after Papatuanuku better. We learnt about recycling, composting, and worm farms. When we returned to school, we decided to set up a worm farm for the school. Some students also read a story about Extraordinary Earthworms. We did some instructional writing about how to set up a worm farm. We also tried to incorporate some of our digital learning in our presentation. See if you can pick what we have been learning to do...

Monday, June 10, 2019

Blog Profile Gadgets

Kia ora!  We are Tanemahuta, a class of amazing learners at Makaraka School in Gisborne.

Today we have been learning how to create blog gadgets with our images on them.  We made a copy of a template, added our photo, personalised the design and colours so it looked the way we wanted it to and then learned how to download it as a PNG file.  Next Koka Amie will add it to our blogs.

We found it quite tricky to crop our photo to a circle and to remember how to double click on the WordArt to change the name to our name.  Some of us also found it a bit challenging to remember to download it as a PNG and hand it in using a Google Form.

We have practised lots of our great skills while we were creating these images.  Check them out below:

Next time, we thought it would be important to always check our font colours and make sure they're easy to read against our background colours.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Being Smart Learners using Google Tools

In Tanemahuta this term we have been learning about being smart learners in the way we use our Google Tools.  Over the past few weeks, we have been learning how to use the Explore tool to insert images, the drawing tools within Google Drawing to create profiles of ourselves and Google Forms to submit our learning.

We have been creating some fabulous pictures this week showing the things we are looking forward to doing during the school holidays.  Have a look at them on our slide deck below and it would be great if you'd comment on them so we can hear what you think!

Have a happy holiday from everyone in Tanemahuta at Makaraka School!