Monday, August 26, 2019

Our Cross Country Day

Last week we had our Makaraka School Cross Country out at the Matthews Farm. Our cross country is special because we climb hills and traverse them. It was very drizzly, just how we like it!
We used this experience to write recounts in class. Here are the criteria we used:

Title - Cross Country

Who - Makaraka School
What - Cross Country
When - Last week. On Wednesday. Yesterday.
Where - Sam's house/ farm/ property. The Matthew's 
How - By bus

Paragraph 1:
First we... 
 - tour, walkthrough

Paragraph 2:
Then we...
 - getting ready for the race

Paragraph 3:
After that we...
 - Tell us about the race...

Paragraph 4:
In the end...
 - The finish
 - Your placing
 - How you felt?
 - Then what?

We will use describing words and phrases to help the reader really understand what the day and experience was like. Here are some ideas we came up with...
 - felt like jelly
 - ache
 - legs pumping
 - heart pounding through my chest
 - encouraging
 - pipped

We hope you enjoy the recounts that our students have shared.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Our Milk Bottle Birds

We are making our own props and costumes for our class production as part of the whole school production at the end of the term. It is part of the Tuia 250 celebrations and we have been doing an inquiry about migration, navigation, and early Maori learning.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Avatars to Get Help

We were learning about what to do if we need help when we see something online that makes us feel uncomfortable. We made an avatar and sent it to our teacher asking for help.

We enjoyed choosing our animals as part of our avatar.

It was challenging remembering to search for a PNG image using the Explore tool, so that it would mesh well with our animal.

Next time I would try to find an element that is a good shape to fit against my animal so that they look as though they're joined.

Phase 1 of our Class Production

Our school will be putting on a production at the end of the term. We are using plastic when creating our props to illustrate how plastics have become a real problem for our environment, especially our oceans. Today we mastered how to make our birds. Here is an instructional video to explain how to make them. Photos and tutorial to follow...
Learn a Language Explainer (copy) on Biteable.