Thursday, September 19, 2019

Cross Country

Although it took some time to write, edit, and publish our recounts about the Cross Country, we did it! To create our area to draw we inserted a table with one cell. Then we enlarge it to suit. Once we finished publishing, Mrs Hannah printed them to A3 and we drew our pictures. Here are a few pics from the cross country day as well.


  1. Kia ora Tanemahuta!
    Wow your creativity here is so amazing! It's neat to see you all participating and then taking that process right through from running the cross country, to then writing and drawing about it. What an amazing job you've done! It looks like you ran up some steep hills!

  2. Hello Ella my sister's friends came to my house, we ate our breakfast and we went off to the movies and we brought some popcorn because my sister's friend invited us to go and me and my sister and my friend I enjoyed the Abominable movie and it was so fun I felt so happy. What did you do over the holidays ?


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