Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Avatars to Get Help

We were learning about what to do if we need help when we see something online that makes us feel uncomfortable. We made an avatar and sent it to our teacher asking for help.

We enjoyed choosing our animals as part of our avatar.

It was challenging remembering to search for a PNG image using the Explore tool, so that it would mesh well with our animal.

Next time I would try to find an element that is a good shape to fit against my animal so that they look as though they're joined.


  1. I like your Milk Bottle birds!They are very cool!Next year I am going to your school because it is near my mom's work.My mom is still planning because I am going to have
    a new house.Thank you for teaching us how to make a Milk Bottle Bird!I am going to make it at my house!Bye!

  2. I like it is so cool. I like it when it says help me why did you say help me .I like the background it so pretty cool and amazing.


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